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Potassium thiocyanate is the chemical compound with the molecular formula KSCN. It is an important salt of the thiocyanate anion, one of the pseudohalides. The compound has a low melting point relative to most other inorganic salts.

Aqueous KSCN reacts almost quantitatively with Pb(NO3)2 to give Pb(SCN)2, which has been used to convert acyl chlorides to isothiocyanates.[2]

KSCN converts ethylene carbonate to ethylenesulfide.[3] For this purpose, the KSCN is first melted under vacuum to remove water. In a related reaction, KSCN converts cyclohexene oxide to the corresponding episulfide.[4]

C6H10O + KSCN → C6H10S + KOCN

KSCN is also the starting product for the synthesis of carbonyl sulfide.

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